Tips For Customer Satisfaction

As a western distribution company, we know how important it is to keep your customers happy. At Hopkins Distribution we measure our own success by regularly assessing our customer’s satisfaction. How do you keep your customers happy? Show them that they matter with the following business tips.

how to increase customer satisfaction

  1. Send an email or newsletter keeping them informed about your company and thanking them for their business.
  2. Provide an area where customers can ask and answer questions.
  3. Share customer stories, including real-life examples of how people overcame challenges or seized opportunities.
  4. Post customer or client photos on your website.
  5. Send a press release about your “customer of the month.”
  6. Invite customers to online or in-person events that they may find valuable.
  7. Host events that encourage customer-to-customer associations.
  8. Celebrate client milestones and/or customer anniversaries.
  9. Create marketing promotions that encourage current customers to reach out to former customers.
  10. Continually seek out feedback from customers and take action where needed

The most important part of your business is the customer. Follow the above tips to increase customer loyalty. Another way to ensure customer satisfaction is to choose a 3pl company who will get your items where they need to be and intact. If you are in the market for a distribution company contact us today. Hopkins Distribution is committed to improving the performance and profitability of our customers by providing custom tailored warehousing and distribution solutions.