2013 Third-Party Logistics Study – The State of Logistics Outsourcing

A very insightful 3pl study for this year has been posted online. It can be seen in this pdf document at: 2013 – 3pl Trends

It is interesting to see the trends in our industry have stabilized. Third Party Logistics companies are finally able to exceed shipper requirements and are able to provide a higher level of service than a company’s own logistics solution can provide. This is the study’s findings and we tend to agree with this assessment.

The growth for our industry is not as great as it was five years ago, which is directly correlated to the economic environment and how the U.S. has changed from manufacturing to importing its goods. However, the freight still has to be delivered timely and accurately and this is where Hopkins Distribution Company comes in.

Either you have a new business venture you are getting off the ground or your business has been operating for years; either way, we have been operating as a 3pl for over twenty years and we understand all of these logistic concepts.  We are able to process EDI ASN’s, RFID, and capture by both lot and serial number.  We have an extensive client website dedicated to our clients that gives them everything they need to see about their inventory and the processing of their orders.  It is a complete package and we do it all for our clients everyday!

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