Collect/3rd Party Order Processing using UPS

At Hopkins, we provide options for our clients using our 3PL services. In order to use third party order processing payment option, UPS requires a valid address be submitted to their systems when we supply a Collect/3rd Party account number for processing. This is UPS’s attempt at validating that a shipper can use a supplied account number.

UPS defines “Third Party” as any party that is not the Shipper or Receiver/Consignee. UPS Third Party Billing is not available for UPS Returns Services in the US. Conversely, 3rd party billing is available for UPS Returns Services outside the United States.

Our specialists can help navigate any clients preferred payment options when it comes to Collect/3rd Party order processing with UPS. We have extensive knowledge of the current rates and can provide contextual information based on our years of experience working with UPS.

This is just one of the many benefits of working with Hopkins Distribution for 3PL logistical needs.

Partnering with Hopkins Distribution eliminates the need to invest in warehouse space, technology, transportation and staff to execute the logistics process.

Our operation can allow for businesses to build a global logistical network with lower risk and higher return. Analysis of warehousing services has shown that companies using a 3PL experience an average of 15-20 percent reduction in warehousing costs.

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