Competitive Advantages of The Nevada Distribution Warehouse

With so many places to choose from for third party logistics, why choose Reno, NV? We are going to take a look at why location is important and what the Biggest Little City in the World has to offer for west coast distribution.

Does Location Matter for Third Party Logistics?

When considering the criteria in selecting a distribution warehouse, location is a key factor for a variety of reasons. The first and the most obvious reason is the distance to your target customer. A closer location reduces transit time, which reduces the cost of shipping and accelerates the turnaround time for products to reach your customer.

While distance is important, another location-based factor is whether the city and surrounding areas have good infrastructure to accommodate product transportation. Does the city have a variety of transport options such as air, ground and rail? Will peak traffic hours or poor road conditions impede on rapid travel?

Lastly, what is the economic and tax climate of the area? Is it favorable or will there be additional costs or taxes to have your products warehoused in that state?

Why Choose a Nevada Distribution Warehouse for West Coast Logistics?

If you’re looking for a location for west coast distribution, your best bet is here in Reno, Nevada. Taking into consideration the points we’ve discussed, Nevada has the competitive advantages for your west coast logistics needs.

With access to air, rail and ground, Reno has a plethora of transportation options to choose from. For air transportation- Fedex, UPS and DHL are all onsite at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. For ground, Reno boasts fast road access to California and all of Western United States. Brian Pratt, director of air service and cargo development at Reno-Tahoe International Airport states, “look at where we are, we’re essentially on the west coast. You can service, even distribute to, the west coast and all 11 states within one day truck-trailer time. We’re talking about 62 million customers you can tap into.”

With it’s close distance to California, customers in the Golden State can be quickly serviced without the need to have your distribution centers located in California, where the tax climate is much less favorable. Without a corporate tax, unitary tax, state income tax, inventory tax and personal income tax, Nevada ranks in the top 10 while California sits in the last 10 the State Business Tax Climate Index for 2019.

Why Choose Hopkins for your West Coast Distribution?

We’ve determined that Nevada is a favorable location for third party logistics. Why choose Hopkins Distribution in Reno, Nevada? We are the oldest incorporated third party logistics company in Northern Nevada and our facilities are considered some of the most modern in the state. At Hopkins, we offer comprehensive logistics and warehousing services to meet all of your needs. With Northern Nevada as the “Distribution Hub of the West”, look no further than Hopkins Distribution for superior third party logistics and supply chain management.

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