Focus on What Your Business Does Best

Staying focused on your business is hard enough sometimes, everyone gets distracted at one point. If it’s not hiring people, it’s your books. If it’s not your books, it’s your competitors. Many business owners start to focus on their competitors more than they do their actual business model and it can be a bit overwhelming. With social media so prevalent, it is important to remember to focus on your good, too. No one shares the bad in their lives, especially your competitors! I mean really, why would they? If you are a successful business, focus on your own successes, keep an eye on your competitors, but don’t let it take over your game plan. Better yet, hire someone to monitor it for you, like Hopkins.

As things begin to progress within your business, a successful business owner tends to rely on an employee or another person to conduct their business once it begins to grow. In cases of corporations, which act as a fictitious legal person, it can only act through human agents. We are that agent. Hopkins Distribution currently processes more than 6.5 million pounds of outbound freight monthly, with service to all points in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Our volume of movement has allowed us to gain the advantage of negotiating very attractive freight rates and discounts for all of our clients to enjoy.

freight and distribution

Hopkins Distribution acts on behalf of our customers in everyday decision making. We are much, much more than a vendor and our dedication to acting as your third-party logistics and distribution provider, making decisions and acting on your behalf, has grown a trusted customer base and gleaned the advantage of negotiating very attractive freight rates and discounts for all of our clients to take advantage of.

Many companies struggle with whether or not they should handle their own fulfillment or use a third party logistics company for product distribution and order fulfillment. Hopkins Distribution can help you navigate this process and assist in determining if collaborating with a 3PL provider is right for you and your business.

3PL’s Allow Businesses to Focus on What They Do Best

Using a 3PL like Hopkins eliminates the need to invest in warehouse space, technology, transportation, and staff to execute the logistics process. As a result, you have fewer people to manage, lower overhead and more time and resources to focus on what makes your company successful. Top-tier companies around the world look to us for innovative solutions that can help them plan business strategies, improve customer service, accelerate order cycle times, and tighten control of the supply chain; all while reducing costs in transportation, inventory, and order fulfillment.

Our mantra, work ethic, and continued growth truly make us a cut above the rest in the West Coast Distribution industry, far surpassing the competition not only in third party logistics and public warehousing needs but how well we provide for our employees. This structure has led to higher accuracy rates (a vital stepping stone in budding startups), impeccable inventory management, merchandise storage, order placement services and accelerated order cycle times.

Let us worry about the headaches – it’s time to for businesses to focus on what they do best.

As 3PL experts, we ensure that your product is shipped when and where you need it. As our client, you will be able to operate knowing that your 3PL Logistics needs are met and your products are delivered on time and to the right place.

Contact us and talk with one of our sales associates so that we may provide you with a customized rate proposal tailored to your individual warehousing needs.