How To Get Your Startup Started

As a western logistics company, we work with many entrepreneurs and startup businesses in the Reno area. Many people have great business ideas but are not sure what steps they need to take to make the ideas a reality. Below are some steps to take to get your startup up and running.

Business Name

Even if you’re a solo business, you’ll still want to create a name and identity for your business that’s separate from yourself. Once you decide on a business name, make sure it’s legally available.  You don’t want to find yourself in a trademark dispute nor do you want to compete for search engine attention. Check with your Secretary of State database to see whether the name is already registered within your state and do a free trademark search to determine whether someone has already filed a trademark for the name. You can also run a national name search into all state and local databases with an online company for a small fee.

how to start a company

Local Permits

You may be required to have one or more business licenses or permits from the state, local or even federal level, depending on your business type and local ordinances. These licenses can include a general business operation license, zoning and land use permits, sales tax license, health department permits and professional licenses. It’s best to get the proper licenses from the get go.


If you’ve formed a business and you should consider forming an LLC or corporation to protect your personal assets from any liabilities. The LLC is great for small businesses that want legal protection, with a minimum of paperwork and legal red tape. A C Corporation is good for bigger companies that plan to go public or seek funding. If you’d rather avoid these options, you should register your business name with the state. This simple step is known as filing a DBA (Doing Business As). By filing a DBA, you’ll be legally able to use the business name and it ensures that no one else in your state can use it.

Tax ID Number

For business purposes, you’ll want to secure a Federal Tax ID Number. It is issued by the IRS and is similar to your personal social security number. Getting a this tax ID keeps you from putting your social security number on all of your business forms and it allows the IRS to track your company’s transactions.

As your business begins to change and grow you may find yourself in need of a great logistics company. Contact us and talk with one of our sales associates so that we may provide you with a customized rate proposal tailored to your individual warehousing needs.