Reno is on the Move  

Northern Nevada is quickly changing its image from gaming to gadget and the Biggest Little City’s economy couldn’t be readier for it.

downtown reno river and buildings evening

While many companies have taken advantage of Nevada’s sweet tax incentives, the influx of jobs from many popular tech companies is slowly pushing our gaming community out and bringing a new generation of tourists and transplants in. Of course, the history behind our arch, the casinos and beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains has brought visitors, but Reno is quickly becoming known as a, “remote suburb of San Francisco,” and mirroring the Bay Area’s tech boom. We’ve started to bring residents from California and all over the country, over to Nevada.

Tesla’s decision to move to Storey County greatly impacted Northern Nevada in many ways. Not only will the company bring more than 22,000 jobs to the area, the building will be one of the biggest buildings in the world, aggregating more than $100 billion in economic impact to Reno’s industry. The decision to make this move put Reno in the limelight and over the last three years more than 100 companies have decided to pick up and plant their roots in our city.

Such companies as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble and Apple have quickly changed Reno’s image and have slated the area for a healthy economic environment for recent graduates and the large upcoming millennial generation.

Reno has been voted as the 12th best city in America for starting a small business because of our tax- competitive, business-friendly atmosphere. Nevada easily adapts to continued advancements in the tech world and offers a perfect hub for West Coast distribution and management for many companies in California and the rest of the United States.

As the 6th largest city for job growth in the nation according to the Nevada Department of Employment, with a growth rate of 3.2%, a recent deal with Google that landed the company some acreage near Tesla, the rapid growth and economic boosts just keep coming. The Reno-Sparks area is home to about 245,000 people… and growing. We’re half the size of Sacramento and a third of the size of Vegas, but we’re consistently voted as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live not only for quality of life and recreation, but for career and job fulfillment.

Reno, Nevada is a perfect West Coast hub and the city is really starting to buzz about it. Hopkins Distribution has taken notice, too, helping many new businesses and transplants settle in and start making Northern Nevada their new home.

Hopkins has been offering innovative distribution solutions for startups and large companies for more than 20 years. Hopkins started from humble beginnings as many of the startups do here, and because of Reno’s growth we began to grow, too. We’ve watched the city metamorphous into a business and tech-friendly home to many and provided these businesses with product logistics, physical product distribution and warehousing options.

Our goal has always been to support the Northern Nevada community and to help facilitate growth for businesses in the area big or small. Our 3PL logistics processes are unmatched by the competition, with a 99.997% accuracy of inventory processing rate. We have perfected a systematic approach to order fulfillment and process more than 6.5 million pounds of outbound freight monthly, servicing all points in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Hopkins Distribution prides itself on making your business’s dreams a reality, we truly are your employees and we will work hard to help your company grow.

Contact Hopkins Distribution today and let’s talk about your business and its plan for the future.