Small Business Advice: Using a Distribution Company

Starting a small business is a rewarding feat that some can only dream of. Those that put in the time, effort and dedication know that along with the rewards comes many difficulties and “bumps in the road.” Let’s say you have a product that you are ready to bring to market, what’s your next step? The obvious answer would be to start selling your product to customers. However, this step comes with several different paths you can take and decisions that will need to be made.

How to Distribute Your Product

Selling your product locally might seem like an easy solution or starting point, but there are many factors to consider. How will you get products to your customers? Will you use your own vehicles to transport? Open a brick and mortar location so customers travel to you? Both decisions have start-up and maintenance costs that may be difficult for a small business to afford prior to achieving product sales.

With a surge in ecommerce, this has been a popular decision for small businesses as you can sell your products online to customers around the world. While start-up costs may be less along this path, you will wither need to put time into creating your own ecommerce website, adhere to standards set by online retailers like Amazon, or hire someone savvy in this line of work.

distribution company

Ecommerce, self-distribution and brick and mortar store fronts will all need a steady flow of marketing and advertising to survive. Customers need to know you exist and learn about your product. Small businesses must take time to grow a loyal customer base and find ways to attract new customers.

Partnering with a distribution company is a strong option that might get overlooked with the popularity in ecommerce. Distribution companies can warehouse your inventory and distribute your product to retailers, wholesalers or directly to consumers. A large benefit to small businesses under this option being access to the distribution company’s client base. This provides you with a stronger start in your product’s introduction to the market and can lead to a quick increase in sales.

Choosing a Distribution Company

Working with a distribution company not only benefits businesses that are still in the introduction phase, but will continue to be a great asset as your business grows. As you sell more of your flagship product and explore creating additional products, distribution companies have the resources to handle an increase in inventory. Companies like Hopkins Distribution Company also provide innovative solutions to plan business strategies, improve customer service, accelerate order cycle times and tighten control on the supply chain all while reducing costs in transportation, inventory and order fulfillment.

Location of the distribution company you choose is important to consider when determining where your target market resides or if you plan to target certain areas. However, just because some companies are located on the west coast for example and you want to reach customers on the east coast, does not mean it is inconvenient. Check out the sample delivery times chart on Hopkins Distribution Company’s website to see how even a distribution center in Reno, Nevada can accomplish a one day delivery time to New York, New York.

Hopkins strategic location in Reno grants us a transportation friendly climate. Natural disasters, traffic, inclement weather and related causes for shipment delay are not a problem for clients who choose to fulfill orders with us. Our high desert base of operation allows for your shipments to stay cool and dry during storage and transport. We use our skill and know how to streamline your operations. Many companies charge outlandish fees for the services that we provide free-of-charge to our clients. Check out some of the benefits you’ll receive from Hopkins here and give us a call at (800) 655-3644 to see how we help our partners succeed.