Warehousing Specialist. A Safe and Secure Way to Store Inventory

Private warehousing (meaning your company owns the warehouse), has its benefits to a business owner in having full control over inventory, but what is the cost of that warehouse doing to your profits? We understand that inventory is precious cargo to a business owner, but there is a simple solution to increase profits and still have safety and security over your inventory. Public and contract warehousing are warehouses owned by a third party (like us here at Hopkins Distribution) and offer many features that not only keep your goods safe and secure, but offer additional services like logistics and transportation to compliment warehousing.


Public vs. Contract Warehousing

As I mentioned, public and contract warehousing are warehouses owned by a third party. As a business owner you can store your goods under one roof. Where they differ is that contract warehousing provides specialized services in addition to storing your goods and generally require a three-year contract. Public warehousing offers a bit more flexibility by offering its use for as short as one month. Typical services contract warehousing use include: cross-docking, packaging, inventory control, just-in-time inventory management, local transportation and quality control. Public warehousing offers similar services that you can choose from. Check out our page: public warehousing. In terms of fees, public warehousing tenants are charged storage fees and inbound and outbound transaction fees, whereas contract warehousing tenants have to pay the same fees in addition to a services rendered fee. Both choices are an excellent way to watch your profits increase as they take away significant capital costs in construction and maintenance compared to a private warehouse.

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Safe and Secure Storage. Hopkins Distribution Company

Safety, security and control might be a few reasons owners want to opt for a private warehouse. At Hopkins Distribution Company, we offer a safe and secure facility for your inventory. All facilities are equipped with an ESFR (Early Suppression, Fast Response) Sprinkler System with a flow rate of 125 gallons per minute per sprinkler head. All of our facilities are alarmed to secure your product during closed business hours 365 days per year. Proper handling of our client’s product is a priority and status reports are automatically provided to our clients on a daily, weekly, monthly or “on demand” basis free of charge. We pride ourselves in safety and security while providing transparency to our clients.


Since the start of our company in 1993, we have been keeping inventory safe for our clients. We are a privately owned corporation committed to improving the performance and profitability of our customers. Call us today 800-655-3644 for warehousing and much, much more.