how to have good communication in business
When it comes to business, it is easily agreed upon that communication is key. Good communication is even better. In a third party logistics company you are reliant upon many facets to work together and seamlessly complete a task with the same object in mind: meeting and exceeding customer expectation.

And although communication between business and customer is pivotal to a happy partnership and success, communication between everyone’s IT systems is also second to none. Software updates and system format changes can be a nightmare if all systems are not equipped to handle them…enter a recent miscommunication with one of our major freight movers.

After encountering an erroneous reoccurring charge on our weekly invoices, we came to find out that what our freight mover’s system (United Parcel Service) was seeing did not match what ours had transmitted. It was quite the mystery, one of which is sure to have you on the edge of your seat as you read this. Fortunately for Hopkins, we have an in-house IT specialist who was easily able to crack the code. The issue lay with a change in their system’s jive talk, and a quick tweak on our end cleared it right up.

The moral of the story is, maintaining an open line of communication is good for people and computers too.