What to look for when choosing a West Coast 3PL company

Many companies need West Coast fulfillment in order to facilitate shipments to the western United States. A West Coast 3PL company can prove to be invaluable in terms of reducing your overall business costs. When choosing a West Coast fulfillment provider you should consider the following about Nevada.

There are many incentives for doing business in Nevada. The state is ranked 3rd in the 2013 State Business Tax Climate Index, compared to California at 48. Nevada has many business assistance programs to attract industrial users to the Northern Nevada market including sales and use tax abatement, sales and use tax deferral and personal property tax abatement. Nevada does not have state income tax, unitary tax, corporate income tax, inventory tax, franchise tax or special intangible tax. If you are looking for a West Coast 3PL company you should consider the advantages Nevada and Hopkins Distribution have to offer.

Employing Hopkins as your 3PL company will entitle you to all of the Nevada tax benefits mentioned above. Contact Hopkins Distribution to discuss your specific West Coast distribution needs today!