Distribution of Temperature Sensitive Items

The Reno area provides highly effective third party logistics and distribution coverage. Our western 3pl warehouses, considered some of the most modern facilities in Nevada, use an intricate fan system to pull cool air into the warehouse during the coolest hours of the day during the summer months. It then stores the cool air in the warehouse to keep your products at the most efficient storage temperature.

Reno lends itself to offering temperature controlled distribution better than most other places in the United States. Reno offers a relatively dry and mild climate. The dry climate helps provide us with very cool, dry conditions for storage of products. The products stored in our region are not subject to severe changes in weather and the dry climate promotes long carton life for your packaging.

Our location allows us to store products inexpensively which in turn allows us to offer our clients cost-effective prices to store and distribute their goods. If you have temperature control needs, Hopkins may be the western distribution company for you. Find out more about how our distribution services can accommodate your specific needs and contact us today.