Hopkins Distribution Dishes on Perishable Goods

We at Hopkins Distribution Company know that the storage and transportation of perishable goods present distinct challenges that other types of freight do not. Food safety, cross contamination, temperature control, humidity control, allergen management, and trailer cleanliness are just a few of the factors that need to be regulated to keep your perishable goods in optimal condition. Although our facility cannot currently accommodate perishable goods, we wanted to pass along the wisdom we gained while we were accepting perishable goods into our warehouse.

Perishable goods in drayage containers

How to Keep Your Perishable Goods Safe

All warehousing, transportation, and 3PL companies are not built the same. Many companies care more about their bottom lines than they do about your freight. Do not trust a warehousing company that cuts corners. Trust in freight professionals with robust knowledge and skill sets to keep your perishable goods in pristine condition. The methods below are critical to proper perishable food management.

  • Rigorous trailer inspection prior to freight loading
  • Adherence to general manufacturing practices (GMP’s) that protect your freight
  • Access to dunnage bags and bracing materials that reduce freight movement and friction during transit
  • Consider the humidity of the climate in which your good will be stored
  • Dry climates can eliminate your need for costly temperature-regulated storage, and this allows you to obtain cost-effective storage and distribution prices
  • If you have allergenic products that require special storage and transit arrangements, pursue freight professionals that are well-versed with these procedures

3PL experts can assist with your drayage, intermodal, dedicated truck, LTL, parcel, and expedited shipping needs. Ensure that your perishable goods, whether they are bananas or medical supplies, are treated with the utmost care independent of your preferred mode of transport.

If you have special needs and wish to distribute perishable items, Hopkins can recommend a distribution company for you. For all your non-perishable commodities, our distribution services can accommodate your specific needs. Anyone can move and store freight, but only Hopkins Distribution Company can provide you with the best storage and distribution services on the west coast. Contact us today!