Selecting a Region

Regional Analysis

The fundamental site selection criterion for the logistics industry is location; both in relation to markets and to supply chains. Location is also important for its impact on transportation costs. Industry leaders involved in site selection activities rate Nevada as excellent in terms of access to markets, here’s how you also benefit from using Hopkins Distribution:

  • The taxation environment is desirable for doing business in Nevada.
  • Eighty percent of the west coast population is a one-day destination from our location.
  • Our warehouse location is geographically situated next to all major small package carriers and LTL regional carriers.
  • Information Technology infrastructure, by region, is cutting-edge and able to handle the future for all modes of processing information.
  • A “ready supply” of qualified personnel is available from the applicant pool.
  • Our building location is convenient for will call/customer pickups of orders.
  • A clean, productive, safe environment exists that promotes Hopkins employee morale and job security.

A study conducted by Northeastern Illinois University reports that 83% of Fortune 500 Companies use third party logistics providers. In 1992, the use of 3PLs represented just 2% of the “logistics” industry. By 2002, 3PLs have increased their market share by 8%, representing over ten percent of the logistics industry.

Financial pressures are also driving companies to locate in regions with multiple modes of transportation.

According to Charles Mc Swain, vice president of CSX: “The logistics platform is changing because logistics companies have optimized the use of current resources, primarily truck-oriented, and in order to gain the next level of savings for customers, they must seek to incorporate multimodalism. It is not enough to have excellent Interstate and highway routes. For a region to be attractive in the new logistics climate, it must offer alternatives to truck-transportation, including air and rail services.”

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