Technology (Technical)

Information Technology Infrastructure

At Hopkins we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and nowhere is that more apparent than our back-office operations. Because our logistics software applications are the eyes and ears of our clients and staff, an off-the-shelf solution simply wouldn’t do.

Hopkins utilizes Microsoft Windows 2016 Servers with all new hardware. All machines currently being used are the average age of 2 years old or less. We have our own, on-site, in-house programming staff that enhances our systems daily to better serve our clients. We can (enterprise-wide) react to individual client’s needs including: lot-codes, carrier appointment scheduling, inventory management tools, EDI, FTP, email, and more in record time.

EDI is fully supported at Hopkins using X12 Version 4010, Documents: X12.1: 940; Order Import and X12.2: 945; Shipment Notifications: 856.  Other custom templates are available upon request.

Because we have developed our WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) software in-house using Microsoft Visual Studio.Net using C# and Clarion Version 6 for Windows, we can support multiple file drivers, i.e.: ODBC, MS-SQL, AS400, Basic, ASCII, dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, Access, Btrieve, and XML. With the ability of reading/writing using these file formats, our capabilities of transforming your data into ours or vice versa is transparent.

We have created our own FTP Server applications for our clients to upload/download data utilizing our proprietary technology.  This eliminates their I.T. Department from having to get involved with the complexities of communicating with the warehouse.  The users simply drop a file in the upload directory and our programs handle the rest. A download schedule can be established and our program, once again, handles the processes seamlessly.

To support our custom applications, we have designed our own online support system that our clients use extensively.  These PHP web pages provide real-time information on: Open Orders, Archived Orders, Inbound Receipts, and Stock Status information. Order information can be real-time tracked by carrier, at the click of a mouse. All these capabilities are secured via unique user ID and passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your valuable logistical information.

Our team remains at the forefront of our industry in systems development and service capabilities, and welcomes your feedback on the systems currently installed. The collective effort from our clients and Hopkins Company is the driving force for all our successes in this ever-changing environment.