UPS and FedEx Dimensional Weight Rates

FedEx Dimensional Weight (Dim Weight) Dim weight is a billing technique that considers the volume of a package, in addition to the actual weight. Ground and Home Delivery Effective January 5, 2015, FedEx Ground will apply dimensional weight pricing to all shipments. Currently, FedEx Ground applies dimensional weight pricing only to packages measuring 3 cubic feet […]

Distribution Solutions in Reno by a Western United Company

If you are looking for a west coast distribution solution for your company, Hopkins Distribution provides supply chain, warehousing needs, and logistics management at a price unlike any that our competition offers, you are our boss. How does this work? Well, the warehouseman and law of agency relationship is really quite simple, and overall, works […]

Reno Public Warehouse and Distribution Company

Public warehousing in Reno is quickly becoming a demand as companies are moving from California, Oregon, and Washington to the Northern Nevada area. With our recent tech boom, the need for West Coast 3PL solutions is apparent, but luckily, Hopkins Distribution has years of experience in logistics in the public warehouse industry and regional distribution […]

Reno is on the Move  

Northern Nevada is quickly changing its image from gaming to gadget and the Biggest Little City’s economy couldn’t be readier for it. While many companies have taken advantage of Nevada’s sweet tax incentives, the influx of jobs from many popular tech companies is slowly pushing our gaming community out and bringing a new generation of […]

Hopkins West Coast Distribution, a Cut above the Rest

As the leading West Coast Distribution company in Reno, we are proud to be the reason that you have a strong West Coast presence. The Hopkins advantage starts with building a strong and successful relationship with you – we are truly our customer’s employees. Hopkins Distribution acts on behalf of our customers in everyday decision […]

The Law of Agency: Warehouseman and Client Relationships

As committed warehouseman, dedicated to improving our client’s performance and profitability through their distribution needs, Hopkins Distribution has created value for its customers by providing warehouse solutions for a variety of different clients and situations. As the oldest incorporated 3PL in Northern Nevada, we provide unprecedented operational and technological adaptability no matter what our customers’ […]

A Distribution Company That Fits Your Needs

As Northern Nevada’s leading 3PL Logistics Company, Hopkins Distribution ensures that every shipment will be processed quickly and efficiently and that your inventory is 100% accurate at all times of the month. Hopkins Distribution is confident that no other public warehouse can offer our level of service and accuracy. We are a successful and thriving […]

How do I know if I need a Public Warehouse?

If your company is moving, has warehouse damage, has increased product quantities due to seasonal changes, or if you’re just looking to re-organize, a public warehouse provided by a Reno 3PL distribution company is the surest way to reach a quick solution to moving your merchandise. A public warehouse offers more than just a place […]

Contract Warehousing – Would Your Business Benefit?

There are three different types of warehouses you must consider before choosing a West Coast distribution company:   Private warehouses: These warehouses are company owned and operated. Public Warehouses: Public warehouses are owned and operated by a third party and allow companies to store all of their products under one roof. Public warehouses allow multiple […]