Custom-Designed Warehouse Management System

Just about every manufacturer and distributor in the United States relies on what is known as a warehouse management system (WMS). These systems include software and processes that provide companies with the ability to carry out warehouse services from product arrival to product departure. We at Hopkins Distribution Company foresaw that the off-the-shelf warehouse management system market was insufficient for the growing needs of technology-driven shipping and receiving. Consequently, we custom-designed a WMS that met our exact needs and those of our clients.

Should I Review the Effectiveness of My WMS?

An effective warehouse management systems review will detail the ways in which inventory gets controlled, how picking and packing processes operate, and the mechanisms of communication between links in the supply chain.

Organizations with weak warehouse management systems lose money on labor, suffer from inaccurate inventory, fail to be flexible and responsive, and often see errors in the picking and shipping of goods.

Your business need not reinvent the wheel. Hopkins can offer you a better way.

Benefits of a Custom-Designed WMS

We at Hopkins Distribution Company were not satisfied with the capabilities of the warehouse management computer systems available on the open market, so we created our own.

Following are just some of the benefits you can reap by partnering with Hopkins.

  • An on-site, in-house programming staff to troubleshoot any issues with your data-system communicating with ours.
  • Fast reaction time to client-needs including lot-codes, inventory management, FTP, email, carrier appointment scheduling, EDI, and more.
  • Hopkins supports EDI using X12 Version 4010, Documents: X12.1: 940; Order Import and X12.2: 945; Shipment Notifications: 856.
  • We can provide custom templates upon request.
  • We support multiple file drivers including ODBC, MS-SQL, AS400, Basic, ASCII, dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, Access, Btrieve, and XML.
  • Because our software can read and write in so many different file formats, rest assured that there will be no lags in transformation of our data into yours or yours into ours.
  • Our propriety FTP Server applications are available to you for data upload and download. This eliminates your need for an I.T. staff to troubleshoot issues between your main facility and your warehouse.
  • Not only did we design our own custom-applications, we also created a highly-effective online support system.
  • Our support system uses PHP web pages to provide real-time information that details stock status, archived orders, inbound receipts, and open orders.
  • At your discretion, access to live-order information can be granted to your carriers.
  • Our systems are secured via unique user IDs and passwords to ensure that your information stays safe.

We triple check every order at Hopkins Distribution Company. This allows us to post 99.985% accuracy for order processing and inventory accountability. You deserve a better WMS. Why not give ours a try? Call or email today.

99.985% accurate warehouse management system graphic