Customer Satisfaction

Because our customer service department works daily with you in mind, we have asked our customers (past and present) to give us feedback. We work very hard everyday to be a Northern Nevada distribution company that meets the needs of clients from the East to West Coast.

Hopkins ensures accuracy and makes it a priority to treat our client’s employees, inventory and processes as our own. We are your warehouseman in Reno and work hard to listen to your needs.



  • You’re the greatest!! Hopkins makes my life so much easier!!!!!

    N. Kirk
  • The shipping cost fix worked great and will give me just what I need on Friday.

    As always Thank you so much… You are a great bunch to work with!!!

    N. Kirk
  • You guys are the best. Thank you all IMMENSELY for all your hard work and help!!

    We <3 Hopkins!
    T. Torhan
  • All of you have made this venture of ours very seamless. I hope to get out your way this fall and have a chance to chat with you about more business potential.

    K. Eriksen
  • We appreciate your attention to detail. Thank you all again for a great job!

    K. Eriksen
  • In our jobs, not very often do we hear "Thank you". We only hear about when something does not go right.

    Well I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You Nena and Jennifer for doing a partial receipt of the inbound today so we could get the orders out for TLC. It was much appreciated by myself and the customer.

    C. Hantak
  • It was two years ago today that we "officially" partnered with Hopkins.

    Over that time the service level has been continuously impressive, both from you personally and everyone that I have had contact with (Nena, Jennifer, Monica, etc).

    I just wanted to say thank you for being such an integral part of what our company has accomplished over the past couple of years. The more time I spend in the distribution industry, the more I realize what a top tier company Hopkins Distribution Company is.

    J. Lovestrand
  • We are so excited to be part of the Hopkins family!

    L. Grimsley
  • I wanted to thank you for the efforts made in getting our orders out the door yesterday. We really appreciate it and I want to congratulate your team in the success! That had to be our biggest shipping day ever and we obviously can't be successful without your team.

    J. Foster
  • Thank you for all your help over the past few days. We really appreciate your efforts in getting all the orders out. A huge task - incredibly well managed and performed!

    J. Sharp
  • Thank you for fixing all of our mistakes in the past couple of weeks. Hopkins does a great job for us and has done so for many years

    A. Evans
  • We like that we can focus on our jobs and don’t have to think about the logistics and warehousing of our products. It is one less thing that we need to worry about!

    S. Krejci
  • When we were "ousted" from our previous warehouse, we did not know anything about your company at all, and we did not know where to begin to look for a new facility, which would do our warehousing and shipping for us. And then you came into our lives. We have been using you since April of 1995 and we could not be happier. We have no complaints and we hope to be with you FOREVER.

    J. Hutchins