Jobs at Hopkins Company

We want entrepreneurs, not employees.
This is a great place to work!

At Hopkins Distribution, we seek to create a unique work environment, where a balance is struck between individual freedom and teamwork. We want our employees to perform through a drive to learn and grow alongside our company.

We’re looking for individuals who are self-motivated and eager to learn, the type that would rather start their own business than work for someone else. This is an opportunity to be autonomous, important, and have substantial decision-making power.

If this sounds appealing to you, then you may be a great fit for our company. We frequently have a variety of entry-level positions available as well as opportunities for those who have experience in the 3PL Logistics industry. To find find out more about the specific positions that are available, please refer to the job listings below and contact us with any questions.

Great Company. Great People. Great Services to Provide our Clients.

Are you looking for a position at this West Coast Distribution Company? Give us a shout! You can ask our talented customer service team about what we have available. Contact us with information below.

Please contact us at:
Hopkins Company
1195 Trademark Drive, Suite 201
Reno, NV 89521
Phone:  775-829-4440
Fax:  775-332-3983