Distribution of Hazardous Materials

Hopkins Distribution Company is a food-grade warehouse and accepts only a limited amount of hazardous goods into our warehouse.

Before you ship any product to Hopkins, please refer to the following list to ensure your products do not contain any of the prohibited hazardous class goods:

  • Acceptable Goods
  • Standard Goods
  • Any goods not marked as Hazardous on an inbound Bill of Lading
  • ORM-D
  • Consumer Commodity (ORM-D)
  • Prohibited Hazardous Class Goods

1.1 Explosives 1.1/Explosive 1.1
1.2 Explosives 1.2/Explosive 1.2
1.3 Explosives 1.3/Explosive 1.3
1.4 Explosives 1.4/Explosive 1.4
1.5 Explosives 1.5/Explosive 1.5
1.6 Explosives 1.6/Explosive 1.6
2.1 Flammable Gas 2.1/Flammable Gas
2.2 Non-Flammable Gas 2.2/Non-Flammable Gas
2.3 Poisonous Gas 2.3/Poisonous Gas
3 Flammable Liquid 3/Flammable Liquid
4.1 Flammable Solid 4.1/Flammable Solid
4.2 Spontaneously Combustible Material 4.2/Spontaneously Combustible
4.3 Dangerous When Wet 4.3/Dangerous When Wet
5.1 Oxidizer 5.1/Oxidizer
5.2 Organic Peroxide 5.2/Organic Peroxide
6.1 Poisonous Materials (Inhalation Hazards) 6.1/Poison
6.1 Poisonous Materials (Non-Inhalation Hazards) 6.1/Poison
6.2 Infectious Substance 6.2/Infectious Substance
7 Radioactive Material I 7/Radioactive White I
7 Radioactive Material II and III 7/Radioactive Yellow II & III
8 Corrosive Material 8/Corrosive
9 Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials 9/Class 9
ORM-D Cartridges, Small Arms (ORM-D) ORM-D/Cartridges, Small Arms