Professional Help With Supply Chain Management

Managing your supply chain efficiently saves money and increases productivity. Consumers will receive products more quickly and this gives your company room to grow. How does one enhance their supply chain to achieve such success? Many companies hire a manager to control their supply chain and third-party companies to put the process into action. Third-party companies specialize in aspects like production, shipment, distribution, logistics and inventory. Often times, they have a multitude of resources and abilities to help your company grow. Hopkins Distribution Company is your third-party supply chain management solution. Since our inception in January of 1993, customer satisfaction has been our number one priority and we make it our business to understand your business in order to help you grow.


What is Supply Chain Management?

Your supply chain essentially covers the details in your flow of goods and services. Like the name implies, it is a “chain” of connected networks of individuals, organizations, resources, activities and technology that aid in the sale of your product. After you spend time perfecting your product (e.g. finding a source for raw materials and design) a large part of your chain relies on production, inventory control, warehousing, transportation and logistics. This is where a third-party company will help. Once you receive your products, packaging and transportation will be needed. The rest of your inventory will need a storage facility/warehouse and logistics technology like a file transfer protocol to help monitor nightly inventory, shipped orders and order tracking information. Your supply chain oversees your operation from product creation to the final sale. For many companies, it is a chance to create a competitive advantage (e.g. faster delivery times) and is also a space to cut costs (e.g. finding cheaper raw materials). An efficient supply chain should improve productivity and create a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.


Let the professionals at Hopkins Distribution Company help you achieve a more efficient supply chain. Order placement, inventory management, merchandise storage, warehouse pick and pack services and rapid East and West Coast transportation; no other public or contract warehouse can offer our level of detail, friendly and quality service and logistic approaches. Our safe and secure facilities allow our clients to have control over their inventory while our logistics applications offer features like automated consignee emails that alert our client’s consignees every night of their shipment status. We make it easy to organize and keep your operations running smoothly while you focus on what’s important to you. Call us today at (800) 655-3644 to learn more about what we have to offer and how we can optimize your supply chain’s efficiency.

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