Commercial Warehousing In Demand as Companies Expand to Northern Nevada

The real estate market in Northern Nevada is breaking records when it comes to residential real estate. There is low inventory and when one becomes available, they are quickly sold within 30 days. The same can be said about commercial real estate in the Reno-Sparks region.  Browsing a few commercial real estate listing sites, there […]

Unemployment Benefits and How will it Affect Local Workforce

According to the Associated Press, the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits recently increased despite signs that the U.S. labor market is rebounding from recession that came with the COVID-19 pandemic. Weekly unemployment benefits claims have fallen steadily most of the year since topping 900,000 one week in early January. However, Omicron, the new […]

How the Federal Mandate on COVID Vaccines May Impact Local Warehousing

Recently, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily stayed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s emergency temporary standard that would require employers to set a mandate for employee COVID-19 vaccination and offer a testing alternative. According to SupplyChainDive, a news service that covers the logistics industry, supply chain experts and stakeholders have voiced concerns […]

Delayed Deliveries Throughout the Logistics Industry

In recent months as the world still reels from the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, many businesses have been understaffed. As a result, manufacturers are struggling to keep pace and delivery times have affected all sectors of the logistics industry. Ports across the west cost of the United States are backed up with cargo ships […]

Northern Nevada’s Most Trusted West Coast 3PL company

Many companies need West Coast fulfillment in order to facilitate shipments to the western United States. A West Coast 3PL company can prove to be invaluable in terms of reducing overall business costs. When choosing a West Coast fulfillment provider, consider the following about Reno, Nevada. There are many incentives for doing business in Nevada. […]

Collect/3rd Party Order Processing using UPS

At Hopkins, we provide options for our clients using our 3PL services. In order to use third party order processing payment option, UPS requires a valid address be submitted to their systems when we supply a Collect/3rd Party account number for processing. This is UPS’s attempt at validating that a shipper can use a supplied […]

Types of Commercial Warehousing

Commercial warehouses help companies store goods in a centralized location so that products can be quickly and efficiently transported to their destinations. Centralized storage reduces the cost of transporting goods to various geographic markets and makes it efficient to process, package and ship orders. Depending on a business’s needs, it can opt for two types […]

Looking Ahead to 2021

At Hopkins Distribution company, we understand the importance of logistics in today’s world of e-commerce and more and more people opting to shop online and have goods delivered to their doorstep. We especially understand the increasing dependence to have goods distributed As quickly and efficiently as possible, especially with complications from the current COVID-19 outbreak […]

History of Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Today, logistics and distribution is a rather complicated and advanced process but it began years ago in a less advanced form. We thought these quick facts and historical background would provide for an interesting read: Logistics refers the movement of products or services to a designated location at an agreed upon time, cost and condition. Ancient […]