Why choose a 3PL Company in Reno, Nevada rather than Oakland

When choosing a logistics and distribution company it is important to consider many factors. Warehousing in Reno, Nevada rather than Oakland, California is an ideal solution for both a multi-point distribution network and National distribution for the following reasons:

Location is key when it comes to distribution. As a hub to some of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, Reno provides highly effective third party logistics and distribution coverage. For this reason, Reno is a primary location for companies seeking a centralized distribution point.

The tax climate of the state where your distribution company is located is another factor you should consider. There are Nevada tax breaks when using a 3PL Nevada. When your product is shipped to Nevada for storage and distribution, your company will not be taxed for the storage of your goods, making Reno the best choice for a  logistics and distribution location.

If you are looking for an outside fulfillment company you should consider the distribution benefits that Reno and Hopkins Distribution have to offer. Contact Hopkins Distribution to discuss your specific distribution needs today!