Building Business with 3PL

Contracting with a third party logistics company allows you to focus on the important tasks of running your business. Using a high quality third party logistics (3PL) company like Hopkins can increase business and contribute to expansion.

A common reason companies switch from distributing on their own to using an outside warehousing and logistics company is business growth. New clients typically come to Hopkins because the demand for their product has grown larger than the space available to them. When the need to expand exceeds your resources it can become necessary to move your product to a third party distribution location. A good 3PL company can offer businesses a chance to tap into a network of contacts, reducing supply costs and gaining lower overhead and volume discounts.

In some cases, a company will have a successful product but the demand has surpassed the company’s fulfillment and customer service systems. Transit, warehousing, inventory tracking and stock retention are labor-intensive and expensive aspects of distribution. Hopkins provides all the services you need to distribute your product to market; eliminating learning curves and reducing chances for errors and miscommunication.  By handling these logistics we apply our distribution knowledge, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Hopkins Distribution also allows for flexibility and innovation. As your business grows and changes so do the 3PL services we provide. Our warehouse facilities offer flexible space that allows companies to expand and contract their inventory footprints based on demand rather than paying for unutilized space.

If you are looking for a 3PL company you should consider the distribution benefits that Hopkins Distribution has to offer. Contact Hopkins Distribution to discuss your specific distribution needs today!