Our Version of “SAP”

Having succeeded with over twenty years of no serious safety issues, Hopkins is confident their safety program works well.  We all live by the standard SAP program that was created many years ago, and here at Hopkins we use the same acronym to simplify our safety methods. Our “SAP” is all about safety, accuracy, production and how they correlate.

Safety:  Safety is first and foremost, all day – every day. We have monthly safety meetings that continually teach standards of safety in all areas; heavy machinery, proper lifting, and etc.

Accuracy:  Striving for 100% accuracy is our goal.  We have been processing our client’s freight for over ten years now, at or exceeding a 99.996% accuracy rate.  The best of any 3PL in Northern Nevada.

Production:  Production techniques help to promote safety and accuracy, due to their routine implementation  and infrequent adjustments. Our tried-and-true system is incredibly efficient, while it also helps  promote teamwork amongst our staff by keeping our practices in unison.

It’s okay to be considered a “sap” here at Hopkins Distribution Company!  We want our employees to go home healthy and happy to their families each and every night!