Signs You Should Switch 3PL Companies

There are many reasons companies stay partnered with their distribution company for years at a time.  Some of the reasons include IT connectivity, customer service, sales familiarity and knowledge of your business.  However, if your current 3PL company is not meeting your expectations it may be time to switch. Below are some signs that it may be time to switch 3PL companies.

High Rates
The rate you are willing to pay to remain with a company that provides good service is a personal decision.  It is not always about the lowest rates, but about the service provided for the rate. Each of Hopkins’ client’s warehouse and financial needs vary dramatically; this is why we create a customized plan for each prospective client. While learning about your company, we can establish rates and possibly provide you with new, innovative ideas for processing and distributing your product. Call us at 775-829-4440, we can provide you with a customized rate tailored to your individual warehousing needs.

Low Service Standards 
If the level of service offered by your current 3PL company is dwindling, it might be time to shop for a new logistics company. Hopkins Distribution’s services are not of the cookie-cutter nature.  We know every client is unique, as are their expectations of a 3PL company; our business is to ensure their needs and requirements are met and exceeded.

Technologically Behind
If your current distribution company is still monitoring your supply chain with spreadsheets, then it is time to take a look at alternate 3PL options. Technology plays a crucial role in the 3PL process and should be considered when you’re choosing a third party logistics (3PL) company. At Hopkins Distribution we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve, but also seasoned enough to know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve been around long enough to remember the legacy systems 3PL’s used decades ago and have an appreciation for the efficiency and improvement of today’s 3PL Technology.

Internal Changes
As your company grows, it is important that your existing warehousing company grows with you.  If you have outgrown the service capabilities of your distribution company then it is time to start finding a replacement. Hopkins Distribution Company offers comprehensive logistics and warehousing services featuring an experienced workforce, online inventory management, value-added services and customized supply chain solutions. Our multi-client public warehouse facilities offer flexible space (407,562 square feet) that allows companies to expand and contract their inventory footprints based on demand rather than paying for unutilized space.

If your needs have exceeded that of your current 3PL company and you would like a company with competitive rates, quality service, personal attention and advanced technology then you should consider switching to Hopkins Distribution. Contact Hopkins today to discuss your specific third party logistics needs!