Retailers Trying to Meet Omni-Channel Demands Need a 3PL Company

As retailers strive for a more seamless consumer experience while selling product through various shopping channels, they began running into logistics problems. Tracking inventory, customers, orders can become difficult. The desire for omni-channel retailing is at the forefront for many brick-and-mortar retailers who now have an online presence. Some vendors are fulfilling online orders from the backrooms of their brick-and-mortar stores and this is having negative implications on their efficiency and order fulfillment.

As online purchasing increases, even smaller retailers need greater organization and focus on the fulfillment process if they want to keep up with a multitude of retail channels. This trend will eventually affect every step in the supply chain with an increase in smaller and more frequent shipments to stores. A third party logistics company like Hopkins Distribution can help retailers optimize fulfillment processes in an omni-channel marketplace while increasing profitability and efficiency.

If you are working toward providing omni-channel services it is likely you will need to outsource distribution. Contact Hopkins today to discuss your specific third party logistics needs!