2015 THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS STUDY: The State of Logistics Outsourcing

In the 2015 19th Annual Third Party Logistics Study, survey results showed the continuing, positive overall nature of shipper-3PL relationships. Both parties view themselves as being successful and shippers are seeing positive results again this year: an average logistics cost reduction of 9% an average inventory cost reduction of 5% and an average of 15% fixed logistics cost reduction.

In addition to seeing cost reductions, shippers said they’ve seen average improvements in their order fill rate and order accuracy. The 2015 3PL Study showed that 73% of those who use logistics services and 77% of 3PL providers are satisfied that they have received open, transparent and effective communication from their partners. A distinct majority—92%—of shippers report that their relationships with 3PLs generally have been successful. Among 3PLs, 98% say their relationships with shippers have been successful.

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