Supply Chain Issues Forecasted to Continue Through the year Despite COVID-19 Mandates Ending

Earlier this week Gov. Steve Sisolak abruptly ended the Nevada’s statewide COVID-19 mask mandate immediately as cases of COVID-19 infections decrease throughout the state. Locally, Washoe County reported 1,855 new COVID-19 cases and just under 20 deaths last week as the spread of the virus continues to slow statewide. This comes as a slew of states including California and New York loosen COVID-19 restrictions in those states. This is another sign that the United States may be finally turning a corner on this lengthy pandemic.

As cases fall and restrictions begin to phase out, it appears the labor force is starting to make a rebound. According to the U.S. Labor department January jobs report, 467,000 jobs were added in January despite the large surge of those infected with the omicron variant. However, that may not be enough to alleviate the issues within the logistics/3PL and transportation industries.

According to Transportation Topics, a news source for trucking and freight transportation, “Economists and industry experts widely believe supply chain disruptions will continue to greatly impact the transportation industry for the first half of the year, and possibly into 2023.” It goes on to say that the logistical bottleneck continues to reverberate around the world as carriers, shippers and third-party logistics providers attempt to deal with the impact on their operations. 

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