The Importance of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

When you are searching for a public warehouse to fulfill your distribution needs, your decision is made easier knowing the warehouse is equipped with the latest global services and is supported by state-of-the-art technology. At Hopkins Distribution, we are proud to offer our customers the best the industry has to offer in Electronic Data Interchange and warehouse to store data sharing.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the transfer of data between two partner companies. Usually this is in the form of shared data between a warehouse and a big box store. EDI helps streamline the process of ordering and paying for goods and the use of EDI is beneficial to companies in two ways:

One, it can help reduce costs associated with ordering products and paying invoices. The process of routine product ordering and invoice payment can be streamlined and made very effective and productive through the use of EDI.

Second, EDI offers a high level of coordination and control over product delivery and shipment. Gone are the days of paper and pencil inventory and EDI helps companies and customers create a steady flow of product, delivered to the right place and at the right time based on effective electronic communication and channeling.

At Hopkins Distribution, we can help your company achieve success in all of your distribution needs. Top-tier companies around the world look to us for innovative solutions that can help them plan business strategies, improve customer service, accelerate order cycle times, and tighten control of the supply chain; all while reducing costs in transportation, inventory, and order fulfillment.

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