Top Speed LLC systems agreement reached!

Top Speed LLC is now supporting Hopkins with all aspects of our hardware, Intranet and Internet systems.  Utilizing their superior support and knowledge of networking, routers, workstations and server systems has freed Hopkins up to focus on other aspects of our business, in regards to software development for our clients.  Fiber-optic systems, router virus detection, building workstations and installing them is just another day for this company.  They have become an integral part of our Technology systems.

We have been working with Top Speed for five years and we cannot say enough good things about this Northern Nevada company and what they have brought to the table for Hopkins.  We are excited that we have teamed up with them and look forward to continued success as both companies enjoy the economic turn around that Reno has finally started to appreciate.

Here is a link to Top Speed and the services they provide: Top Speed Internet Services.