Contract Warehousing – Would Your Business Benefit?

There are three different types of warehouses you must consider before choosing a West Coast distribution company:


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Private warehouses: These warehouses are company owned and operated.

Public Warehouses: Public warehouses are owned and operated by a third party and allow companies to store all of their products under one roof. Public warehouses allow multiple companies to store their product and they usually operate within the confines of very short-term contracts –Monthly, mostly.

Contract Warehouses: Contract warehouses are owned by a third party entity and provide specialized services as well as allow the lessee or client to store products. Contract warehouses are much the same as public warehouses, but their terms are much longer. Rather than a short-term monthly contract, contract warehouses’ terms are much longer, usually years.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Hopkins Distribution. Hopkins Distribution is a successful west coast distribution company because we strive to understand your needs as a business and make choices for you as a partnership. Hopkins in Reno provides our clients with public warehousing and contract warehousing solutions unlike any of the west coast distribution competition.

Contract warehousing results in your business obtaining specialized services from Hopkins Distribution that are tailor-made to suit the needs of your operation. With contract warehousing from a west coast distribution company such as Hopkins Distribution, you will save money on storage fees, have more control, local transportation and more.

To find out more about the warehousing options we can provide, please contact us today.