Distribution News: Reno Industrial Market Growing Before Telsa

The Reno-Sparks industrial market set a record for square footage leased or sold over the past three months — nearly 2.7 million square feet in the third quarter, compared with the previous record of 2.4 million during the same period in 2013; a sure sign that Reno distribution business has been on the rise.
“All this activity was pre-Tesla,” NAI Alliance Senior Vice President Dave Simonsen told the Sacramento Bee. “Now with the tsunami wave of Tesla, it will be interesting to see the result on the overall market. I think momentum will continue to build over the next two years.”

“In the meantime, our market is doing very well just standing on its own two legs outside of the Tesla deal,” Simonsen said. “On top of the overall economy doing well, Reno’s location is viewed as a great distribution location,” he said. “Rents are rising, vacancy is dropping. New construction is imminent. We are getting more and more inquiries from users and developers.”

Reno is a primary location for companies seeking a centralized distribution point and has various business incentive programs to attract relocation to the Northern Nevada area. If you are looking for an outside fulfillment company you should consider the distribution benefits that Reno and Hopkins Distribution have to offer.