Hopkins West Coast Distribution, a Cut above the Rest

As the leading West Coast Distribution company in Reno, we are proud to be the reason that you have a strong West Coast presence. The Hopkins advantage starts with building a strong and successful relationship with you – we are truly our customer’s employees.

Hopkins Distribution acts on behalf of our customers in everyday decision making. We are much, much more than a vendor and our dedication to acting as your third party logistics and distribution provider, making decisions and acting on your behalf, has grown a trusted customer base and gleaned the advantage of negotiating very attractive freight rates and discounts for all of our clients to enjoy.

Hopkins Distribution Company is a privately owned corporation which has stake in the success of your business. We treat our client’s operations as our own, offering client support and a thorough understanding of your needs.

We could not achieve our success without a strong team, and at Hopkins, we believe the foundation for our company and the reason for our continued growth and success has always been our people. Hopkins Distribution Company employs the most highly trained, experienced and motivated people in the industry today.

How Do We Keep Our Employees Happy and Ensure Continued Success?

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When Hopkins Distribution grows, so do our employees. We strive to maintain a level of professionalism and an experienced employee base by providing perpetual training, mentor-ship and by remaining consistent in recognizing and rewarding excellence.

As a result of this belief, the Hopkins Distribution Team has adopted the mantra, to always go above and beyond, for every one of our client’s on a daily basis. We work for you, and we are passionate about meeting your exact needs and addressing any and all concerns regarding your company.

Our mantra, work ethic and continued growth truly make us a cut above the rest in the West Coast Distribution industry, far surpassing the competition not only in third party logistics and public warehousing needs, but how well we provide for our employees. This structure has led to higher accuracy rates (a vital stepping stone in budding startups), impeccable inventory management, merchandise storage, order placement services and accelerated order cycle times.

Hopkins Distribution rises above the competition because of the time we take to learn about you as a company. From the process of learning who you are as a client, we are able to better serve you as an employee, establishing proper rates and in some cases, provide new and innovative ideas for processing your product.

A Growing Company

With more than 50 years of combined public warehousing and freight traffic experience in our executive officers and stellar employees, we are poised to overcome any hiccup or hurdle that may come our way when providing 3PL service. We will tailor our proposals and services to meet your individual needs as a company and our customer service ability does not stop there.

As a customer service representative, great care is taken to encourage that all processes being done are getting done right the first time. We work with carriers on your behalf to secure competitive pricing, manage customer-specific requirements, and consistently deliver efficient handling of all of our client’s inventory processing.

As a growing West Coast Distribution hub, we work with our clients in mind and strive to offer our employees a workplace environment they are proud to be a part of.

We are a successful company because of our team and as we grow, so will our employees and their benefits. Give us a call and let us assure you why we’re the best choice for your business.