Twenty years of excellence!

As of January 1st, 2013, Hopkins Distribution Company has been in business for twenty years!

Being the oldest incorporated third party logistics company in Northern Nevada, Hopkins is proud to continue the tradition of providing the best possible service.

It has been a fun ride that we have had over the years. We come to work to play. Work is a four letter word and we all work really hard at keeping our eye on the ball and remember that our job is to receive and ship boxes. That sounds simple; receiving and shipping boxes, but in reality it can be very complex and time consuming to get it “just right” in today’s logistics environment.

This last year, we experienced a higher inventory accuracy than we have ever appreciated before. After all of the end of year inventories that we performed, we are proud to announce that our accuracy rate now stands at a phenomenal 99.99876 percent accuracy rate! Think about that for a second… Considering the millions of inventory units we move on a yearly basis that is an extraordinary figure. Our hats are off to an exciting and professional group of people that run our business on a daily basis. They are doing a great job!

The next coming twenty years are going to be exciting years and we all look forward to the opportunities that new business will bring.

Happy 20th Anniversary everyone!

Robert Hopkins
President and CEO