Avoid Damage to Your Products with the Right Logistics and Warehousing Management Company

When choosing a third party logistics and warehousing management company, you want to ensure the safe delivery and fulfillment of your product. Avoiding damage of your product starts with choosing the right logistics company for your business. Hopkins Distribution Company has been a West Coast leader in the logistics and warehousing business for over 20 years. In our years of experience in packaging, handling and processing of small package, less than load and truck load freight we have developed a time-tested and trusted system of keeping our clients’ products free from harm.

At Hopkins, we believe the foundation for our logistics success stems from our employees. We retain some of the highest trained, experienced and motivated people in the 3PL industry. As a result, very rarely do we or our clients ever see any product damage.

At Hopkins, we have an OSHA Certified program in place for the proper handling of palletized and small package freight; keeping both employees and your product safe. Our Reno, Nevada warehouse is kept extremely clean which lends to safe storage of clients’ products as well as the ability to quickly find overstock goods. Hopkins holds a monthly safety committee meeting to discuss and maintain employee and product safety.

Upon receiving your product, Hopkins checks and double-checks the inbound shipment to ensure everything is in order. Hopkins makes certain that shortages are noted on the carrier’s Bill of Lading and our warehouse receipt. This allows our clients to file a claim directly with the carrier if necessary. Inbound paperwork is then checked again for accuracy by our client support staff.

Orders are picked and checked twice before moving to our fulfillment line to be packed and processed; this ensures a high level of accuracy. Depending on your product or your preference, your order can be picked by the case, the inner pack, or the each. After the product has been double checked, Hopkins employees package it and prepare it for shipment. Specialized packing material is used as needed to ensure that packages make it to their destination in the proper condition.

All of the above procedures add up to the safe and damage free shipment of your products and a profitable fulfillment environment for your business. If would like your products to be distributed reliably, contact Hopkins Distribution today.