Your Customer’s Put High Stakes on On-Time Holiday Delivery  

“27 percent of U.S. customers would rather get a root canal than have personal holiday shipments come late, according to a DHL holiday customer survey that reveals on-time shipments are a high priority (Inbound Logistics).” 

  • 45 percent of respondentsreported thatthey expect an increase in e-commerce sales of at least 10 % during the holiday season. 
  • While 47% of respondents feel fulfilling shipment orders in a timely manner is the biggest challenge during the holiday season– 65% start planning for the holiday season only one to two months in advance.

Why are these numbers so important? It’s obvious – if you don’t have a trusted West Coast Distribution company, revenue is on the line, and it’s almost guaranteed a loss.  

At Hopkins Distribution, we have streamlined our 3PL Logistics processes to ensure a tight supply chain. We have a 99.997% accuracy of inventory processing rate, which we attribute to our perfected systematic approach to order fulfillment. As our client, you will be able to operate knowing that your 3PL Logistics needs are met and your products are delivered on time, and to the right place. 

warehouse solutions in reno

We currently process over 6.5 million pounds of outbound freight monthly, with service to all points in the northern and southern hemisphere. Our volume of movement has allowed us the advantage of negotiating very attractive freight rates and discounts for our clients to enjoy. (See Hopkins as Your Warehouseman, or Hopkins, a Cut Above.) 

Multi-client public warehouse locations offer flexible space that allows companies to expand and contract their inventory based on demand rather than paying for unused space. When Hopkins Distribution grows, so do our employees. We strive to maintain a level of professionalism and an experienced employee base by providing perpetual training, mentor-ship and by remaining consistent in recognizing and rewarding excellence. 

3PL Western United States Services  

Top-tier companies around the world look to us for innovative solutions that can help them plan business strategies, improve customer service, accelerate order cycle times, and tighten control of the supply chain; all while reducing costs in transportation, inventory, and order fulfillment. 

If you are looking for a West Coast 3PL company, you should consider the advantages Hopkins Distribution has to offer. Contact Hopkins today to discuss your specific West Coast distribution needs!